High speed internet is transmitted from the
elevator in Courtland, the cable tv tower in

If your location is in site of either one of
these points, you can received the signal
which delivers the internet service.

If you can not physically see one of these
points, you still might be able to receive the
signal. A signal test would have to be may to
determine signal reception.

If your telephone prefix is anything but 374
or 361, the monthly rates are as follows:

$0.00 for installation
$19.95 for 512kps speed
$29.95 for 1.5Mbps speed
$39.95 for 3Mbps speed
Areas covered by these two signal points would be, but not limited to, the city of
Scandia, rural Scandia, rural Courtland, eastern Formoso city and rural, western
rural Belleville, rural Republic.  In some cases, trees, buildings, hills, etc. block
the internet signal and service cannot by provided.
All levels of service includes 4 E-mail addresses. There is no equipment to
buy. There is no term commitment .
Garman And Sons, Courtland, KS  
785-374-4355 or 785-527-5598
Installation involves mounting a small antenna on the house aiming at
one of the signal points. The antenna is about the size of a pie pan. A
small wire in routed to the computer.  No connection to the phone line is
made.  The internet  service does not effect the phone service.
For more information or to sign up for the internet service contact  
Garman and Sons, 301 Main St, Courtland, KS 66939
785-374-4355 or 785-527-5598